Business Partnering: The Leading Strategy Towards Your FP&A Success

August 25, 2022 Lydia Adams

Vice-president checking existing business partnering options

Having a positive impact on the business starts by becoming a great business partner. But what does that mean, and how can financial professionals increase their business partnering influence?

In this episode of CFO Weekly, Megan Weis is joined by Anders Liu-Lindberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Partner, and Co-Founder of Business Partnering Institute, to share his wisdom and top practices on partnering and FP&A.

In this episode, we discuss what business partnering means, how to overcome some of its challenges, increasing your partnering influence, FP&A automation, and how businesses can better structure their FP&A to achieve its full potential among other exciting topics.

Business Partnering Influence

Quote business partnering influence

Business partnering is the process of using insights you have to influence business decisions and create an impact on the company. You can use all kinds of insights as long as they help you improve decision-making and positively influence one or more business areas.

You can have the greatest insights in the world. But if there's no influence, it doesn't matter

Business Partnering Challenges

Quote Anders Liu-Lindberg, CCO & Co-Founder, Business Partnering Institute

The main challenge with partnering is that most companies have made it difficult for people to process and understand it. To be good at partnering, we need to work with people, communicate, and build relationships, which many financial professionals struggle with. Because it is difficult, many companies have made it complex, no one understands how it works, and no change happens.

“Partnering equals insights times influence

Increase Your Influence

Quote increase partnering influence

Your business leaders or partners have significant priorities. As a finance professional, figure out those priorities and propose a plan to help them. Then, understand their communication preferences and adjust how you speak your messages accordingly.

It all starts with internal customer centricity or focus

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