Outsourced Virtual Finance Services w/ Matt Wood | Video Episode 56

July 20, 2021

Virtual Finance Talent. Outsourced Accounting. Finance & Accounting Outsourcing: However you say it, this new trend in accounting efficiency deserves a second look and we're here to dispel any rumors and give you the facts in this video episode.

But what exactly is it? In a special CFO Weekly twist, we’ve decided to spend some quality time with one of our own. Matt Wood, VP of Client Services, right here at Personiv, digs deep into the world of outsourced virtual accounting services to help answer your questions on how these solutions work and how virtual accounting allows you to do more of what you enjoy (strategy).

So what are the reasons to outsource? There’s so much more than just cost, although that is a biggie.

➡️ If a team member’s sick or on vacation (or... eek - decides to quit), the work still gets done.

➡️ No hiring delays as you scale up your operations.

➡️ Add just one resource or as many as you need.

➡️ Offload any part of your accounting function and Personiv will make sure it’s done for you - no hassle.

Oh, and a big one... You call the shots all-day, every day - with your processes, your technology and your way of doing business.

Keen to hear more? Take a listen to the full video episode and check out our virtual finance blog.

Learn more about our accounting solutions.

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