Mastering Financial Planning and Analysis

July 14, 2022 Lydia Adams

VP of finance mastering financial planning and analysis

FP&A is a key piece to any successful accounting function, but mastering it isn't always easy. In this episode, Paul Barnhurst, Founder of The FP&A Guy, will share his top secrets and insights on becoming an FP&A specialist.

Paul is a finance professional with 12-plus years of finance and FP&A experience. He possesses a strong background in budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, financial modeling, report building, and business partnering. His experience includes the US government travel services, finance automotive, cyber security, eCommerce, and more.

In this episode, we discuss the FP&A role and value, the FP&A Guy, FP&A tools and techs, amongst other related topics.

Financial Planning & Analysis Role and Value

financial planning and analysis role and value quote

FP&A integrates financial planning, budgeting, accounting, and forecasting. Paul admits that thanks to FP&A, you get involved directly in helping shape the business.

“When FP&A is done right, you get to help influence and partner with the business”

The FP&A Guy

the fp&a guy Paul barnhurst quote

Paul started The FP&A Guy to provide consulting services for small and midsized companies, FP&A training, and content creation.

“There are two sides: partnering with some of these vendors to help spread the message and to help reach the people that are looking to improve their FP&A skills and be better FP&A professionals”

Financial Planning & Analysis Tools and Techs

financial planning and analysis tools and techs quote

FP&A third-generation tools are mainly designed for small to medium businesses. Some of these tools include Grist, OnPlan, Doublefin, or Stratify.

“If I had to decide, let's say someone said you have to choose a tool tomorrow, it would depend on the business”

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