The CFO Trends to Keep an Eye out For w/ Thomas Anderson | Video Episode 58

August 3, 2021

There’s been a lot of talk about digital transformation lately. But how do you, as a CFO, embrace digital innovation to better stay current? Watch our CFO trends video episode to learn more.

Everyone needs a roadmap. Start by asking the hard questions: What’s your hedging policy? Your payments policy? What jurisdictions are you operating in? Think of these things as your “pre-trip vehicle check.”

Now that you’re ready for the road trip, what are the steps to get there? First, build the foundation: Make sure you’re in line with your owners of the company, the board of directors, etc. Second, identify your building blocks: Good data, a conservative approach, risk management, and more. And finally, make sure you’re reviewing and rewinding: What worked in the past may or may not work in the present or the future.

Want to learn more? Listen to Thomas Anderson talk all about the role of the CFO and the need for digital transformation.

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