Invest Where It Matters w/Magdalena Cleveland | Video Episode 48

May 18, 2021

Today, CFOs have a lot more to deal with than they did even just 10 years ago. One of those emerging responsibilities? Finding operational efficiency to invest where it matters most, learn all about it in this week's video episode.

As a CFO, with so much to do at a high level, finding operational efficiencies within other layers of your business might be quite the challenge. Today of CFO Weekly, we spoke with Magdalena Cleveland, VP of Accounting and Finance at BLVCKDOT LLC.

We answer these questions about strategic investment and change management:

  • 📢 Why shouldn’t you change more than one major system at a time?

  • 📢 Is the five-year-plan still a relevant question?

  • 📢 Which projects deserve focus, or automation, or to be left alone?

  • 📢 How do you overcome organizational resistance?

Listen in and learn how you can bring increased efficiency to your business while avoiding the common pitfalls.

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