Managing Tax Season in Corporate Accounting w/Charley Devaney | Video Episode 57

July 27, 2021

It takes one call. One letter. One email. And your heart starts pounding a million beats a minute. It’s the IRS. Learn everything about managing tax season in corporate accounting in this video episode.

It doesn’t matter what they’re actually saying or asking. All we read and hear is doom.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We’ve conditioned ourselves to think that the IRS is our enemy.

Truthfully speaking, they do have some stress-inducing tactics, but there are ways to make your interactions a bit easier (and resolve issues faster):

- Be honest

- Communicate on time, even if you can’t pay on time

- Seek help when you need it Tax is complicated at the best of times

So what do you do when things get sticky? Charley Devany, Fractional CFO & Tax Consultant, is helping us all make sense of things on the latest episode of CFO Weekly.

We’re talking about the most common frustrations, red flags, managing the corporate accounting tax season, and solutions for taxation so head over to take advantage.

Learn more about our business solutions.

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