Managing Your Own Payroll w/ Charles Read | Video Episode 44

April 20, 2021

Manage your own payroll? If you’re not an expert, like Charles Read is, think twice. Learn everything there is to know about managing your own payroll in this week's video episode.

Payroll is complex and comes with minutia. The more people you have, the more exceptions to the rules and novelty items you have. Companies with more than 300-500 employees need to think strategically about payroll as a business function, which is why we caught up with Charles to talk about it and share his knowledge with you.

We discussed:

  • ✅ Major changes in payroll over the last decade

  • ✅ Current and future payroll trends

  • ✅ The impact of tax changes

  • ✅ Advice for CFOs managing payroll

  • ✅ Outsourcing payroll

  • ✅ Are clocks the best way to track time?

  • ✅ Pros and cons of on-demand pay

  • ✅ The rise of the gig economy

  • ✅ Managing independent contractors One conversation. Limitless value.

We're bookmarking this one for sure. Learn more about what Charles had to say in this week's episode.

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