Solve Problems, Not Symptoms w/Adam Porter | Video Episode 54

June 29, 2021

What makes a great problem-solver? Is it being highly qualified? Maybe it’s graduating from an ivy league school? Making it to the world’s ultimate ‘top 100’ list? Maybe. In this week's video episode, you'll learn the basics of how to solve problems, not symptoms.

Or maybe it’s something a lot more accessible… You don’t need to wait for catastrophe to strike before you find an opportunity to make something more efficient.

Your problem-solving starter kit requires:

  1. A sense of curiosity

  2. The ability to be honest when you find an opportunity to improve

  3. A willingness to get involved, and get others involved along the way

Adam Porter, CPA shares his problem-solving recipe based on these key ingredients in the latest episode of CFO Weekly.

Take advantage of his insight and experience. Listen to the full conversation and if you are interested in learning about more insights, make sure to visit our blog.

Learn more about our business solutions.

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