Value Creation through Technology in Finance w/ Arno Wakfer | Video Episode 43

April 14, 2021

Your finance team is one of your most under-utilized resources. Just ask Arno Wakfer - we did and we’re better off for it and today you can listen to everything he had to say about value creation in this week's video episode.

As the GM and Head Trainer at Educatio, Arno opened our minds to:

  • ✅ Breaking down organizational silos Integrate, don’t separate. Isn’t everyone on the same team after all?

  • ✅ The promotion of financial literacy It’s easier to work together when everyone understands what’s in front of them, and each other.

  • ✅ Creating organizational value as leaders It’s crazy how many opportunities are in front of you #RightNow!

  • ✅ Data visualization as a game-changer for business Even if you like words, your brain prefers images because they’re easier to process.

Listen in on our conversation and tell us what you think. And head on over to our blog to learn more about what Arno had to say.

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