What It Takes to Be a CFO w/ Zach Howard | Video Episode 60

October 5, 2021

Becoming a CFO takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And for many, it’s the end goal of their career. But if you want to become a CFO, it’s important to focus on the mid-stage of your career. This week we're bringing the best tips and advice on how to become a CFO in our video episode.

On the most recent episode of CFO Weekly, Zachariah J. Howard, CPA MBA had some great advice for young professionals looking to become CFOs.

  1. Find a Mentor You hear people talking about mentors all the time, but they’re crucial. And the earlier in your career you can find someone, the better. Having someone who’s been down the road you’re on will be invaluable in your journey.

  2. Advocate for Yourself Nobody will be more invested in your career than you. You’re the captain of your own ship, and while others may help, you’re ultimately responsible for your own career.

  3. Appreciate the Early Stages While it’s easy to look at those early stages of your career as roadblocks, instead look at them for what they truly are: onramps on the highway of your career. Very few people take a road trip without some stops along the way. So don’t be surprised if you have to get off the freeway a few times.

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