Motivating Your Team by Creating A Culture of Ownership

January 25, 2019 Lydia Adams


Everyone wants an engaged team ready to work hard every day, but motivating your team is tough. Also, with even the best motivation – be it rewards and recognition, positive reinforcement or ongoing training – all your efforts can fail if they are not done authentically. Motivation alone can only go so far, unless your methods authentically represent company culture. The key is to focus on a promise kept vs. a promise made and to make this a process continuously followed by everyone on the team.

A give and take respect relationship with employees helps to build a trustworthy culture, while a company culture that empowers employees to be part of the big picture and to feel like they make a difference, drives engagement.

Creating a culture of ownership requires that everything, from training and benefits to awards and motivation, is done authentically. Employees can easily tell the difference between a corporate initiative and an engrained employee-first culture. For example:

  • Training can do more than simply teach employees new skills. It is the perfect opportunity to show employees how those skills fit within the bigger picture of the company’s value-generating processes.
  • Benefits don’t just incentivize employee retainment. They also offer an opportunity to authentically share culturally important values.
  • Motivational awards are more than a means to formalize a reward system. They can energize an entire team to boost productivity and spend time focused on achievement.

Leadership has to reinforce a company culture that gives each team member a satisfying role in the big picture. They must be allowed to act like an owner no matter their position and be allowed to contribute ideas, creating a consultative approach vs. a top-down directive.

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