How to Increase Your Customer Referrals

April 5, 2019 Mirza Alam


Group Meeting discussion with 4 employeesMore than 2 million brand-related conversations take place (online & offline) in the United States daily. With no shortage of online channels for customers to relay their experience, they are more vocal than ever before. What’s more: two out of every three consumers rely on feedback from family and friends to make their final buying decisions. A referred customer has 16% higher lifetime value than a customer who just drops by on a whim.

Considering these figures, it becomes justifiable for service providers to track these conversations and sway them in their favor to eventually strengthen their customer base. Companies across the globe give their best to create out-of-the-box strategies to capitalize on the indisputable power of word-of-mouth. Thus, customer referrals have become a serious point of discussion among the marketing and sales function of brands.

Boost Customer Referrals

Jaw-dropping Customer Service: It is human nature to ask an already-experienced-user before purchasing the same product or availing the same service from a particular brand. So clearly it’s crucial to ensure that the buying experience of your present consumer exceeds their usual expectation. Going ‘above-and-beyond’ is the first and most important rule when serving your current customers. When your present-day customer is satisfied with your services, they will definitely speak well about your brand and refer your products or services to their friends.

Enticing Incentives for All: Let’s face it – a consumer will post all day about one or two negative points but highlights the good aspects about a brand only after finding a personal gain. To really get the customer to come back and review you positively, motivation is key. Try a quick and easy incentive – be it a coffee voucher, a gift car or a discount on their next purchase.

Clean-Check of Your Digital Platforms: Technology plays a pivotal role in the way we perceive or buy products. There are loads of online platforms that act as a guide to consumers giving them information regarding experiences of past and previous consumers. Make sure you offer an impeccable buying experience to your present customers so that they write well about your brand on these channels. These positive feedbacks from your present-day-customers will act as a catalyst and turn your prospects into real-time-customers.

Online PR and Influences: Rope in reputable people/influencers who have a positive name in the market and crazy number of followers, and ask them to become your advocates or ambassadors on social media and online PR platforms. Come into an agreement with them to write well about your brand on their personal channels so that their followers gain the confidence and become keyed up to try your services or products.

These were some of the tried, tested, and most efficient ways following which you can encourage your present-customers to refer your brand. Simply put, sweeten the experience of your present-day-customers and they will gleefully scour their networks to gift you coveted customer referrals. Want to discuss more? You can reach us at on our contact page.



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