What It Takes to Be a Sustainable Startup CFO w/ Joel Krutz | Video Episode 62

October 19, 2021

In the corporate world, few things will produce as much culture shock as moving from a Fortune 500 company to a startup. But that’s exactly what Joel Krutz did. Learn everything you need to know about becoming a sustainable CFO in our video episode.

After putting time in at some of the biggest companies in the world (BBC, BP, & ViacomCBS) he made the move to an environmental sustainability startup.

But how do you make that switch without culture whiplash? Thankfully, Joel had some skills that he brought with him.

  1. First, a desire to learn. Growing up in rural New Zealand, he developed a pretty intense case of FOMO early on in life, which drove him to learn as much as he could no matter what situation he was in.

  2. Second, the ability to build relationships. Spending time as the CFO of ViacomCBS, you can imagine the amount of people he had to interact with, and in his role, interact with around the globe.

  3. And third, the ability to listen. With that relationship-building skill came the ability to truly listen and to care. So often executives, especially at a Fortune 500 company, get insulated in their roles. But Joel fought that and developed a skill of listening and empathy.

Want to hear more about Joel and his journey, as well as his advice for anybody looking to make the move to the startup world? Listen to his entire interview and check out our blog.

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