Top Outsourcing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

July 15, 2018 Lydia Adams

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If you’re new to outsourcing, you may wonder which outsourcing best practices you should follow and what pitfalls to avoid to create a successful partnership. You’re not alone. There’s no shortage of stories from fellow business owners about outsourcing relationships that fail. Don’t let that happen to you. Find out the top outsourcing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Choosing Cost over Quality

One of the biggest outsourcing mistakes that clients make is to go with the cheapest option. By taking your tasks offshore, you’ll already be saving anywhere from 50-75%, but by choosing the cheapest provider, you’ll often end up with sub-par quality. Focus your attention on a company that considers quality as their top concern, and you’ll be set in the right direction.

Ignoring Culture Fit

Consider your outsourcing contract a long-term relationship. Like any business partnership, you want to work with a company that shares your vision and core values. Don’t cut corners in this area or you’ll wind up reiterating your goals again and again. Plus, as an extension of your brand, your BPO should be able to seamlessly integrate into your current culture.

Outsourcing Mistakes

Lacking Communication

No matter how well you align with your new provider in expectations and culture, ongoing communication is a must. Be sure to set up one-on-one calls with your account manager, monthly reviews and quarterly steering meetings. Also, clearly convey important metrics at the start and define expectations for success.

Stepping Away Too Soon

The key to a successful partnership in outsourcing is to stay engaged. Stepping away too soon is one of the top outsourcing mistakes you can make. While your team may be up-and-running, it’s important to remain a part of the process. Your provider should be there to ensure that all the work is done to your specifications. Make sure that you choose a partner willing to adjust the program to your needs.


Now you know the main pitfalls many clients run into while outsourcing. The next step is to determine if outsourcing is a good strategy for your organization. Find out by downloading our free white paper: Are You Ready to Outsource? A Workbook.

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