Outsourcing to India: Everything You Need to Know

May 17, 2019 Mirza Alam


Business meeting on a table with a world mapWith the increasing cost of talent and rapid expansion of businesses, companies across the globe are inclined to reap the benefits of outsourcing. And although the outsourcing industry is being embraced by companies across industries it is crucial to understand which places across the world are best suited to outsource work. According to a recent survey, more than 59% of employers worldwide employing Indian workers. Why you ask? There are a host of reasons why outsourcing to India is preferred by the majority, which we will discuss here.

Largest Pool of Technically Sound and Professional Talent

India is home to a vast pool of highly skilled talent. India has a rough population of 1.2 billion people where approximately 3.1 million graduates are added every year. India is also the place to find the maximum number of English-speaking people, even larger than the UK and US combined. Keeping the population aside, it is the superior quality of talent that attracts large enterprises from across the world to outsource their work to India. Indians are innovative, creative and the best part – they are smart enough to devise a way to get things done even in the worst of times.

Flexibility in Pricing for the Superior Quality of Services Offered

One of the many reasons why India remains a preferred choice for outsourcing work is the comparatively better prices it offers. This primarily occurs due to the wide difference in personal costs in India and other parts of the world (developed countries). For example, the cost of a developer in the US is approximately $50 – $75. Whereas, in India, one can easily find an experienced developer for as low as $15 per hour. This gap in price is what entices countries around the world and gives them the flexibility, confidence, and freedom to outsource work to India. Outsourcing work to India means reaping large profits with minimum budget.

No Compromise in Quality of Work

The wide gap in the service prices does not lead to any compromises in the high quality of work India is famous for. In fact, the superior quality of services India has been offering has enabled India to remain as a preferred outsourcing destination for the longest time-period. Over the years, several countries have tried to match up the pricing quotes asked for by India companies. However, the blend of high-quality services offered by top-notch talent and cost-effective pricing is what makes India stand out.

Presence of Best Infrastructure and Technology

India boasts of state-of-the-art cellular, ISP, and telecom networks. One can find the latest technology along with tailor-made solutions like business process re-engineering, e-commerce, system integration, system migration, etc. Outsourcing companies in India maintain a sound communication channel like having uninterrupted high-speed Internet (fiber optic, submarine cables, and satellite networks).

A stable PRO-IT Government supports the outsourcing industry in India making all the necessary amendments in its policies, as and when required. Keeping in consideration all the above pointers, outsourcing to India is an amazingly profitable and viable option. Backed with 30 years of industry experience, Personiv is one of the most reputable outsourcing companies in India. If you are thinking of outsourcing to India, contact us here.

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