2020: Maybe it Wasn’t All Bad w/ Liz Hosman | Video Episode 38

March 2, 2021

Now that 2020 is in our rearview mirror, we’re all taking stock. We’re looking back and trying to make sense of what happened over the last year, and hopefully learning some things. Was 2020 difficult? No question. Was 2020 all terrible? Maybe not. Liz Swenton Hosman, VP of Finance and her team at March Communications learned a lot throughout 2020. Thankfully, they had their organization's six core principles that guided them through. And you can listen to it on this week's episode of CFO Weekly.

No spin. Be Brave. Be Excellent. Be Productive. Show Up & Step Up. Be Human.

In a profession not always known for flexibility, Liz and her team stared 2020 in the face and made some changes. They made permanent changes to their Work From Home policy. They gave out extra PTO (because who was taking vacations in 2020?) They started a diversity committee and added time off around Juneteenth and Indigenous People’s Day. They encouraged time away. Walks, yoga, meditating, exercise, whatever their employees needed. Because what good are your employees if they’re burnt out, stressed out, and maxed out?

Now comes the real challenge: continuing to implement those changes into 2021 and beyond. To hear how they’re planning to do that, make sure and listen to my entire interview with her.

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