Adapting Artificial Intelligence as a CFO w/ John Collins | Video Episode 46

May 4, 2021

AI in Accounting. You've heard the buzz for a while. Will automation completely change the accounting function? In this week's video episode, learn how a CFO adapts artificial intelligence in his organization.

Maybe not, but AI does one very important thing for finance pros: It takes away the mundane, repetitive, administrative tasks that so often fill our days, and allows humans to do what humans do best: be creative and strategic with information.

And while some still debate how much the CFO role could benefit from AI and automation, our guest on today's episode of CFO Weekly is here to set the record straight.

John Collins and his team have streamlined their organization in ways that most people haven’t, using AI. As a data scientist turned CFO, he brings a unique perspective to his role in finance.

His team at LivePerson utilized automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to help them more accurately, efficiently, and consistently perform at a high level. And he shares how you can, too. Because at the end of the day, AI is here to make your job easier so you can use your time doing the work that you LIKE to do, instead of the work that you HAVE to do.

Listen to the full episode and visit our blog to learn more about what John had to say about automation.

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