Business Automation: Love It or Hate It, You Need to Learn It w/ Max Gray | Video Episode 63

October 26, 2021

Business automation has the power to free us up from menial repetitive tasks and you can learn more about it in our video episode. The last thing you want is someone on your team spending hours pulling data that could take seconds or a minute to pull.

But without knowing when to automate, you risk wasting even more time fixing your automation than you would have otherwise.

Max Gray, Vice President of Finance at Bitcoin Depot, has some guidelines for determining when to automate:

  1. Automate the tasks that take the most time.

  2. Stay away from automation for deeper-thinking tasks.

  3. Automation is as much art as it is science.

  4. You have to read between the lines.

Ready to learn more about what and when you should automate? Listen to Max's entire interview and check the blog to learn more.

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