Cutting Costs in Your Business w/ Ken Wentworth | Video Episode 47

May 11, 2021

Looking at cutting costs without hurting areas of your business, or having to reduce business office space? In the latest video episode about cutting costs & cost savings in your business of CFO Weekly, "Mr. Biz", aka Ken Wentworth takes on this all-important topic by exploring the bottom line and:

accountant cutting costs in business after watching video

  • ✅ Common cost-cutting mistakes in interest rates, supply costs, business costs, etc. and how you can avoid them

  • ✅ How to approach cost-cutting with specific reference to labor, physical space, production costs, billable hours, cash flow, and employee benefit expenses

  • ✅ Techniques and processes for shedding unnecessary expenses to save you money and reduce costs

  • ✅ Which tools you can use to make this process easier, regardless if your organization offers products and/or services

There is a way to be smart about cutting costs in your company without cutting business, and it's all revealed in the latest video episode.

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