Understanding Iconoclasm in Business w/ Tony Zorc | Video Episode 50

June 3, 2021

Hardly any of the content you consume encourages you to think for yourself. There are ads for products to buy, articles that tell you what to think, and posts from influencers of all kinds. Learn what iconoclasm in business is in this video.

But there’s nothing telling you to make your own decisions.

Enter the iconoclasts — people who:

  • Think critically

  • Seek opposing #viewpoints

  • Challenge the status quo

  • Design original and effective solutions

  • Execute on their designs and turn them into reality

In the latest episode of CFO Weekly, professional Iconoclast and Founder and CEO of Accounting Seed, Tony Zorc, joins us for a riveting discussion about iconoclasm — and a preview of his book "Iconoclasm - A Survival Guide in the Post Pandemic Economy."

Listen in if you want to learn more and find out if you could in fact be one of those iconoclasts that we need more of, in today’s world.

Learn more about what Tony has to say about Iconoclasm.

Learn more about our business solutions.

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