Property Accounting w/Katherine Jackson | Video Episode 53

June 24, 2021

Property accounting is the one door of opportunity, behind which, other doors await you and you can uncover them in this week's video episode.

Sure, it’s not the most obvious choice, but since when has the obvious choice been the adventurous one?

Like everything else, this niche field has its pros and cons:

  • Pro: You'll work with diverse project teams.

  • Con: Not everyone you meet thinks like an accountant.

  • Pro: Entry-level jobs offer valuable exposure to high-ranking execs.

  • Con: They’ll throw the strangest scenarios at you with the expectation to learn on the fly.

  • Pro: You get input from brilliant minds like that of Katherine Jackson.

  • Con: We really can’t see a downside here.

Property accounting is like the fun side of the accounting island that nobody told us about.

There’s so much to learn! Luckily we got to pick Katherine’s brain and walk away with way more than we bargained for. Join us and learn more about property accounting.

Learn more about our accounting solutions.

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