The Science Behind Thriving Financial Leadership

July 7, 2022 Lydia Adams

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Grant Fitz, Chief Financial Officer at EFI, joins Megan Weis to share his best insights regarding a thriving financial leadership style, the role of a CFO, and the importance of diversity in leadership.

Grant brings nearly thirty years of experience overseeing accounting, business support, and financial planning and analysis in the print marketing, tech, and automotive fields at companies such as Valassis, Xerox, Nexteer Automotive, and General Motors.

In July 2019, Siris Capital purchased EFI, and Fitz was brought in to significantly improve its financial performance and prepare the company for an exit strategy in the future.

Grant oversees the financial and information technology operations for EFI and supports the development of sound business strategies, strong internal controls, financial discipline, and integrity.

In this episode, we discuss shaping the personal leadership style, transitioning from public to private sector, what should CFOs consider when launching a new product, tips and advice for CFO newbies, amongst other exciting topics.

Shaping the Personal and Thriving Financial Leadership Style

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Throughout his career, Grant worked with strong female leaders, which helped him develop his leadership style by treating business problems and opportunities from a diversity standpoint.

“Having more interactions with some female leaders has probably shaped me to be more receptive to thinking about ways to approach the business differently”.

From Public to Private

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Grant believes that moving from public to private companies is easier than vice versa as it helps you prepare for the transition better. But it comes down to your ambitions and finding the opportunity to create the most value.

“Your gut is your best when it comes to these types of decisions”.

Launching a New Product

Launching a new product for financial leadership Quote

When bringing a new product to the market, make beneficial investments in the right technology and be able to execute and help drive the business by setting up quality systems and development processes. But you also should collaborate with the marketing and sales teams.

“From my standpoint, you have to be perfect at all phases of the product introduction”.

Tips and Advice for CFO Newbies Looking to Cultivate a Thriving Financial Leadership Style

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If you are new to the game, you should be curious, constantly learn new things and ask questions. You also need good technical skills in accounting, finance, financial reporting, and even auditing. Lastly, find the balance between being strategic and operationally focused.

“Having that inquisitive nature is really important for a successful CFO”.

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