Paving the Road to Become a World-Class CFO

June 23, 2022 Lydia Adams

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What do you need to become a world-class Chief Financial Officer (CFO)? Steve Rosvald thinks of practical learning and developing opportunities. With thirty-plus years of experience in corporate finance, Steve understands innovative and responsible financial leadership is critical for success in any business today.

He spent a good share of his career in various CFO and other leadership roles and founded CFO.University to help finance heads stay innovative while exposing aspiring finance leaders to career-changing professional development. The virtual on-demand platform is built around the four pillars of CFO success, accounting, finance, treasury, and leadership.

Steve also operates KRM business solutions, an advisory practice that equips companies and their finance teams with the knowledge processes, systems, and tools they need for success.

In this episode, we discuss upgrading your financial skills and career, what the next generation of CFOs looks like, CFO.University self-assessment tool, amongst other topics.

Upgrading Your Financial Skills and Career

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CFO.University is a financial community dedicated to professional development, which gives finance leaders practical tools and classes on how to improve their performance. The ultimate goal is to help them become successful CFOs. CFO.University offers courses under the four pillars of Accounting, Finance, Treasury, and Leadership.

“I figured out a model that we can teach small and middle-sized businesses how their CFOs suite would work”.

Next Generation CFO Training to Achieve World-Class Status

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As the finance space constantly evolves, finance professionals need to learn and adapt. They have to be forward-thinkers, possess good communication skills, and understand the technology and new trends like automation and data analytics. They also need high EQ or emotional intelligence and focus on the people around them.

“The people need to come first. If that doesn't happen, it doesn't matter how well you mechanize”.

CFO.University Self-Assessment Tool

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The CFR readiness assessment covers the four pillars of Accounting, Finance, Treasury, and Leadership. It contains about sixty questions that help identify your financial weaknesses and strengths and the next steps in your professional development.

“We're looking to see how your accounting function is working, how your finance function is working, how your treasury function is working, and then we're looking at the leadership side”.

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