Marrying Finance and Operations W/Charles Liu | Video Episode 35

February 2, 2021

Finance has become more and more strategic in driving the high-level vision and direction of companies across nearly every industry. We’ve seen a huge increase in the way that CFOs interact with and support various lines of business, particularly with the operations team. But how do finance teams make the importance of what they do understandable to those in operations? How can the teams work together to drive the strategic vision of the company? How do finance and operations work to avoid being a hindrance to one another and become a collaborative effort instead? Marrying finance and operations has its benefits, and you can learn all about it in this video episode

On this week’s episode of CFO Weekly, our guest is Charles Liu. Charles is the EVP and Head of Finance for Hawke Media, a full-service marketing consulting firm based in Los Angeles, working with clients all over the world. He talks about: How finance can foster a better relationship with the operations teams, Why communication cannot be underestimated and Why you can’t worry about being the bad guy, or the good guy. Listen to the entire interview. 🎧 

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