The Incalculable Benefits of Servant Leadership w/ Dave Sackett | Video Episode 65

November 9, 2021

The term “servant leader” has been around for a long time, but it’s just finally starting to really take hold in the United States. And while the concept of a servant leader is just now emerging, the traits that make up servant leadership are as important as ever, and you can learn all about the concept in this week's video episode.

But what is a servant leader? What are the benefits of being a servant leader? Can anybody become one, or is it just something that you’re born with?

On this episode of CFO Weekly, we talk with Dave Sackett all about the traits that make up a servant leader.

Empathy: We’re seeing a new wave of leaders with real empathy. And the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for empathic leaders to the forefront.

Empowerment: Where leaders typically lead from the top down, servant leadership flips that on its head, giving real power and decision-making ability to everybody.

Sharing Responsibility: It’s no longer about who gets credit for what. A servant leader knows that when everybody is empowered and lifted up, we all win.

Humility: A servant leader is humble, placing themselves at the bottom of the pyramid, in order to push the rest of the team up, raising everyone to their best selves.

Hear all the traits of servant leadership, and how you can become a servant leader, by listening to the whole interview and checking our blog.

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