The Truth About Call Centers: Can Outsourcing Help Your Bottom Line?

April 19, 2019 Mirza Alam

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Call Center: The term often draws up images of rows of cubicles and low ceilings, but despite what you may have heard in the past, call centers are now ultra-modern, cost-effective and all-around a great solution to your customer care needs. In fact, they are often the go-to choice for U.S. customer care leaders looking for top quality and efficiency.

Customers are the arguably THE reason that a company prospers, grows and develops over time. So what could be more important than taking care of your customers with a top-notch customer service team? And though every business needs to ensure that their customers get their queries resolved fast and truthfully, customer care leaders often ask which one is more profitable – an in-house team or an external call center. There’s many pros and cons to both, but a call center can prove to be the most cost effective way to handle customer care in your business. Read on to find out the truth about call centers.

Top 6 Ways Outsourcing Works

Instant & Constant Support – No company is exempt from horrific weather circumstances, power outrages and several other hindrances that crop up unexpectedly. Therefore, investing in an external partner (via an external call center) that will responsibly take care of all your call center requirements, is a prudent decision. Outsourced call center agents become accountable for answering customer calls without missing a beat.

Cost-Effective Per Inquiry – Call Center operations managed externally proves to be less expensive compared to the ones with own employees. The cost of staffing, recruiting, IT, supervision, payroll, accounts, and benefits for internal employees entails disbursement of a huge budget. Especially, the over time expense during rush hours become a huge burden for small and medium size enterprises.

Small-Tasks Done – Taking calls at a short notice or during holidays or during odd hours of the day and night piles up a lot of stress and irritation. It is the job of call center professionals to respond to customers instantaneously and in the most appropriate manner. However, at times business owners are unable to hire, train and retain their own employees without a lot of effort. Having an outsourced team frees owners from such worries.

Round the Clock Availability: Your company policies might not allow an agent to take calls beyond a particular time of the day or night. External call center agents are free to take calls from customers anytime of the day or night. Also, there would be multiple agents to respond to customer queries leaving less of waiting time for customers.

Recent Trends Know-how – Not all company owners are able to remain abreast with the recent technologies or trends meandering in the market. Whereas external agents keep a tap on what’s fresh in the industry and how it can be applied in a process to develop overall business. Utilizing modern technologies and ongoing trends appropriately has a positive impact on the value of a company.

Multiple Geographies: At times, you might get a good lead but you would need to take a step back due to unavailability of resources in your company. An outsourced call center proficiently fills this gap and helps you take the client onboard. Also, external call center agents are mostly experts in their field with the ability to deal with varied categories of clients.

Time and again, external call center agents have proved to be efficient resources and credited for development of businesses. Trusting an outsourced call center to act as an extended arm of your company solves loads of issues in one go. Simply put, if you are an intelligent business person or group and value every penny you spend, investing in an outsourced/external call center will make you proud as it will definitely help your bottom line. There are a host of other strategies to make your business grow, discover them here.

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