• [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Lamar Graphics1:02

    [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Lamar Graphics

    Find out why Lamar trusts Personiv to work as a part of their graphic-design team and gives Personiv 12 percent of their work each year, while experiencing the same or better quality.

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  • [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Thryv1:55

    [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Thryv

    Personiv has worked with Thryv for decades, providing this top full-service media company with flexible BPO solutions across multiple areas of their business.

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  • Top 5 CX Mistakes1:21

    Top 5 CX Mistakes

    Providing bad customer experience can be highly stressful for your clients as well as your employees. With that said, apart from lost customers, what other impact does bad customer experience have?

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  • Smart Outsourcing for Startups1:32

    Smart Outsourcing for Startups

    Outsourcing is the secret to scaling fast and when you're in growth mode, you need a partner who gets it. Find out why outsourcing can give you the competitive edge in the crowded startup market.

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  • From Spreadsheet Hell to Reporting Heaven37:37

    From Spreadsheet Hell to Reporting Heaven

    Led by Personiv's VP & General Manager of FAO, Megan Weis, this pre-recorded webinar explores how finance departments have changed in the last three decades and how top accounting leaders can use an

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  • About PERSONIV3:14

    About PERSONIV

    Here at Personiv, we like to say we are #PersonivProud. Find out why our employees love us, our customers choose us and our quality is never second-best.

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  • Why Personiv?1:12

    Why Personiv?

    Our clients love working with us! And we love helping them with their business operations, watch this video to learn more about how we help you stand out from your competition while saving on costs.

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  • Service Overview2:20

    Service Overview

    Learn more about our services, and why Personiv has been the ideal business partner for companies worldwide.

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  • Personiv 1011:40

    Personiv 101

    Learn more about Personiv by the numbers, a little bit of history behind our people powered business, and why we go above and beyond to offer quality services that no other BPO company can offer

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  • About Personiv Gurugram0:59

    About Personiv Gurugram

    Personiv Gurugram offers world-class outsourcing services for sales and customer acquisition in a secure environment. With three decades of experience crafting and fine-tuning our team’s sales...

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  • About Personiv Coimbatore1:02

    About Personiv Coimbatore

    Check out this video to learn more about our operations in our Coimbatore location.

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  • About Personiv Manila1:03

    About Personiv Manila

    Check out this video to learn more about our operations in our Manila location

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  • Back Office0:56

    Back Office

    Watch this video about Personiv's Back Office Services to learn more about how to optimize costs while improving on customer experience. Our clients have trusted our BPO service for more than 35 years

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  • Creative Services1:03

    Creative Services

    Creative Services provides businesses and individuals with low-cost photography, video, and graphic arts services. Watch this video to learn more about Personiv's Creative Services.

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  • Customer Care0:57

    Customer Care

    Personiv is devoted to giving you answers to all your customer support-related questions quickly and efficiently. Watch this video to learn more about our Customer Care Services.

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  • Sales Solutions 1:02

    Sales Solutions

    Personiv's wide array of Sales Services offer small, midsize, and large businesses a solution to their current sales strategy and efforts. Watch this video to learn how you can save on cost per lead.

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  • Finance & Accounting Support1:02

    Finance & Accounting Support

    Still struggling with chaotic closings, late reports, and overly complex analyses? Out-of-date and complicated accounting systems make it hard to track business metrics, let alone...

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