Interactive Tools

With these quick and easy worksheets, checklists, calculators and other tools, find out if outsourcing will work for your team.

  • Personiv Outsourcing Cost-Savings Calculator

    Personiv Outsourcing Cost-Savings Calculator

    This calculator will help you zoom out for a big picture view of the real-world cost savings available to you when you partner with Personiv, so you can to fully capitalize on value-added activities.

  • F&A Decision Matrix

    F&A Decision Matrix

    Finance leaders today have two shortages they’re constantly required to contend with: TALENT and TIME. Scarcity and churn among qualified accounting professionals only serve to compound the...

  • [Checklist] Everything You Need to Do Before You Start Outsourcing

    [Checklist] Everything You Need to Do Before You Start Outsourcing

    You've made the decision, but there are a few things you'll need to do before you start outsourcing. Download our checklist to keep as a quick reminder of everything you'll need to do to get started.

  • [Worksheet] Apply Outsourcing to Your Organization

    [Worksheet] Apply Outsourcing to Your Organization

    If you're looking to start outsourcing within your organization, being fully prepared is the best way to achieve success. One of the first steps is determining how outsourcing would affect your goals.

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