Talent Market Survey: Controller Snapshot

We surveyed 800 finance professionals from Chief Financial Officers and Vice Presidents of Finance to Directors of Accounting and Financial Controller cohort about the challenges they're facing right now, how they are handling the talent shortage in the new year, and what roles they plan to hire sometime during this year.

The Controller group let us know their take on overcoming this year's greatest challenges.

corporate financial controller analyzing organizational challenges

Conquer Your Financial Controller Challenges

Download our exclusive snapshot to discover:

  • The #1 challenge keeping finance teams up at night

  • Creative solutions being implemented to overcome talent gaps

  • The hottest finance roles to watch

  • Actionable tips for attracting and retaining top talent

  • New Industry trends shaping the future of finance hiring

  • Real-world insights from your fellow finance professionals

  • And more...

Are you ready to overcome your finance and accounting talent challenges? Explore our resource hub for expert insights, handy tools, and exclusive content to help you build a winning team.

See how a customized finance solution can help your team get more done in accounting this year.

Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you overcome the talent shortage and achieve your financial objectives.

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