About Personiv Gurugram

August 28, 2018

Personiv Gurugram offers world-class outsourcing services for sales and customer acquisition in a secure environment. With three decades of experience crafting and fine-tuning our team’s sales strategies, we’ve come to understand the need for reliable, scalable services that fit our clients’ unique needs. Learn more about our Gurugram location and our BPO services in this video.

Our office in Gurugram, just southwest of New Delhi, is one of the most advanced facilities of its type, with 50,000 square feet of functional office space and spacious, acoustically isolated workstations equipped with high-quality headsets and desktop systems. The facility has three layers of backup power, ensuring that Personiv remain fully operational 24/7.

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Sales Service
Sales Service

Personiv's wide array of Sales Services offer small, midsize, and large businesses a solution to their curr...

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