Empowering Recruiters While Harnessing AI

July 23, 2018 Lydia Adams


man giving a business presentationNo matter where you look, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the most-talked about topic in recruiting. And while it’s true that recruiting AI has changed the game in the field of talent acquisition, tech can’t completely replace human intelligence. For many recruiters, implementing AI or tech while still utilizing people has become a bit of a balancing act.

Why People Still Matter

Today candidates are increasingly looking for a cultural fit that speaks to their personal needs and career aspirations. While a recruiting AI is perfectly suited to rank candidates based on their professional history, it cannot make the intuitive connection between career history and the human personality. This is where the human touch remains a necessary factor.

With all the tools out there, recruiters are increasingly finding that the best solution is to use tech while empowering people to make those important decisions.

How to Incorporate AI

The major selling point of AI in recruiting is that it allows you to screen candidate applications, and it supplies ready-made, pre-screened applicant lists. This can be useful when the number of applicants far exceeds what can be verified in a reasonable amount of time.

AI can serve as an ideal tool for automating low-impact workflows and leaving the high-impact work to human HR professionals. For example, the technical interview platform, Filtered, uses a combination of engineering interview templates and coding tasks to screen candidates based on their coding ability – not on their resume, giving hiring professionals accurate information on whether candidates have the skills they claim to have.

Putting it ALL Together

As an employer, the question you should ask concerning recruiting AI is whether AI tools can understand the specific needs of your business. Ask whether an AI can cross-correlate positions that are not being searched for specifically – something professional recruiters do every day. And finally, make sure to strike a balance between the swiftness and ease of AI and the decision-making skills of a real recruiter.

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