Helping Finance Leaders Become the Heroes of Their Organizations

April 28, 2022 Lydia Adams

CEO helping finance heroes transform the workplace

The world of FP&A has become more strategic and complex, but most CFO tools haven't been updated, and those available on the market continue to have issues. So how can financial leaders deal with this challenge, and is there any way to help them become the finance heroes of their organizations?

Christina Ross may have the solution for that. Christina is a former CFO turned founder and CEO of Cube, the first FP&A software that delivers a delightfully frictionless experience by letting you keep what you love about spreadsheets and automating what you don’t. Christina is passionately mission-driven to help finance leaders become the heroes of every organization.

In this episode, we discuss how to accelerate your FP&A, transitioning from a CFO to a CEO, empowering finance leaders, and what the role of automation in FP&A is, among other interesting topics.

Accelerating Your FP&A

christina ross, ceo and cube founder

Christina and her team designed Cube to be FP&A software that empowers finance teams to deliver faster, more strategic insights. Cube connects directly to your tech stack, including Excel and Google sheets, and is powered by an engine equally as powerful as the best FP&A platforms on the market.

“We built the ultimate FP&A platform, which has the power and performance of enterprise software, paired with the flexibility and familiarity of your actual spreadsheet.”

Transitioning From a CFO to a CEO as Finance Heroes Do

finance heroes transitioning quote

Becoming a CEO requires you to take a broader view of the business and embrace visionary ideas. But the benefit of having a CFO background means that you become aware of risks and can manage potential challenges more effectively.

“As a CFO, my job was always to take all the crazy ideas that the CEO had and bring them back down to earth and assess and manage risk.”

Empowering Finance Leaders & Heroes

empowering finance heroes quote

Finance leaders oversee most of the data that comes into the organization. They also have to be aware of the organization's present state as well as making future plans and creating scenarios that drive success. As a result, CFOs play a significant role in designing and implementing business strategies. Christina empowers finance leaders to become the heroes of every organization by taking the things off their plates that don't add value.

“Finance is the ultimate strategic position in the business.”

What is the Role of Automation in FP&A?

automation fpa quote

In FP&A, automation should focus on building the business logic and having tools automate that process. Ultimately, it comes down to automating the mechanics of the FP&A process to allow people to spend more time in the actual analysis itself and telling the story behind the numbers.

“One of the big challenges around FP&A is not the FP&A work itself. It's the mechanics around the FPA process.”

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