Achieving Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

November 24, 2017 Lydia Adams

Business woman taking notes from a computer on a holiday

It’s started. All around you, you can tell that the holiday season has begun: Black Friday sales, family gatherings and decorations galore. It’s a fun and exciting time, but with all the fuss surrounding the holidays and those end-of-year work projects, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and overworked. Follow our tips for keeping up a positive work-life balance over the holidays to carry you right through the New Year.

Use Your Office Support System

Perhaps you have a co-worker that can share the workload during this time. Find out when your team needs time off and plan work schedules to ensure that there is always coverage. And make sure to plan well in advance so everyone can benefit.

Don’t Try to Multi-Task Too Much - Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

girl stressed out after multi tasking on a holiday

Multi-tasking is great, but it can soon overtake your priorities, causing more stress. When dealing with work, focus on that alone instead of trying to also take care of family or personal tasks. If necessary, take time off of work to shop, clean or decorate so you can feel free to focus on family tasks.

Feel Free to Say No

There’s the holiday party at your child’s school, clothing donations in the neighborhood and volunteering for the charitable organization. All of this on top of work projects can start to feel like too much. The solution? Pick and choose your activities by allowing yourself to say no. No one has endless strength or time to prioritize what matters most.

Take Some Time Off - Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

Work-Life Balance During a Holiday

Did you know that 54% of U.S. workers don’t take all of their vacation? With the end of the year coming up, now’s the time to use your paid vacation to spend time with family, get caught up on chores, or simply rest and relax. There’s a reason that vacation time exists, so don’t be afraid to use it.

* Ask for Help *

We tend to want to do it all and handle it ourselves, but during the holidays you may not be able to logistically accomplish all the tasks on your plate. At work, let your boss know if you are in need of resources, a temp for example, or some assistance from other departments. At home, rely on friends and family where you can or even hire help around the house for those tasks that can easily be assigned.


This year, get organized and avoid becoming overwhelmed by achieving a positive work-life balance. Still need help? Outsourcing is another great option. Find out more by checking out our solutions.

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