The Ledger No. 25: Personiv Leadership Favorites

January 25, 2023 Sarah Dameron

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Welcome to The Ledger where we sum up the latest finance and accounting news and trends for you. We’re celebrating the 25th edition of our business weekly column by sharing some thoughts from Personiv’s executive team on all the business news we’ve highlighted so far. Each leader has chosen their favorite article and given us their take on the topic.

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David Lesniak, CEO

david lesniak CEO

Edition: The Ledger No. 16: Teamwork

Article: How to Implement a People-First Approach to Drive Company Growth

“At Personiv our tagline is ‘People-Powered Outsourcing’; by definition our company growth is driven by our people. Empowering people to think like owners and investing in their personal & career success pay huge dividends in terms of company culture, longevity and growth.”


Michael Murphy, CFO

mike murphy CFO

Edition: The Ledger No. 13: Data & Strategy

Article: Legacy Companies Need to Become More Data Driven — Fast

“Despite the title of the article, the key highlight that resonated with me is for companies to proceed one step at a time and not go for the ‘Home Run’ solution. Becoming a data-centric business is a continuing journey (not necessarily a destination) and one that needs to align with your cost benefits strategy.”


Fredricks John, EVP & Site Head at Coimbatore, India

fred john - Business weekly column

Edition: The Ledger No 10 – Company Growth

Article: Ways to Support an Employee’s Career Growth & Drive Company Growth

“The only way to ensure company growth is to allow employees grow their career with us. This article sums up all we do at Personiv: Encourage employees to participate in skill training, begin a mentoring program and offer online career advancement courses. Through our partnership with NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime program, we offer our employees a chance to upskill. We have an Executive coach offering mentorship to our Management Staff. Through LinkedIn Learning, our employees have access to over 30k modules through which to continuously learn. These programs have ensured that our employees stay with us longer, ensure better quality output every time, thereby, delighting the customer, and an overall effective Management team that drives success all around. All these put together, we have a package that has helped our company grow from strength to strength.”


Paulo Cheung, EVP & Site Head at Manila, Philippines

paulo cheung Manila

Edition: The Ledger No. 22: The Future of Work

Article: Key Metrics to Utilize for Your Company’s Growth

“The only certain thing in life is yesterday. Today and tomorrow are all uncertain, and for us to survive and thrive in these unprecedented times, we need to embrace these 11 strategies for us to develop a habit of lifelong learning. Ask Why, Stay Curious, Embrace Failure and Be Open to feedback are my personal favorites and the habits that we live by at Personiv. Our mantra is simple: ‘To be better than yesterday.’”


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Vishal Bora, EVP & Site Head at Gurugram, India

vishal bora - business weekly column

Edition: The Ledger No. 23: Customer Experience

Article: How Customer Experience Makes a Difference

“In this new world of customer experience, the focus has shifted from ‘what now’ to ‘what’s next.’ At Personiv, we have an employee-first and customer-obsessed culture where our employees are trained on the latest CX strategies, tools, and best practices that empower them to make critical decisions in the best interest of the customers."


Megan Weis, VP & General Manager – FAO Services

megan weis fao services

Edition: The Ledger No. 1: Human Capital & Remote Work

Article: CFOs Ponder Remote Work Possibilities

“Given that finding and retaining good accounting talent has been a top concern for CFOs for the last decade, this should be an idea they are not only welcoming but embracing. Remote work has proven to be effective and the days of everyone sitting under one roof are over for most companies. Many companies may have been leery of remote work before they were forced to try it, and then pleasantly surprised to find that it actually increased productivity. So maybe it’s time to continue to try new things to optimize your talent model? Outsourcing opens the world up to finding top talent.”


Matt Wood, VP of Client Services

matt wood SVP Sales

Edition: The Ledger No. 6: Outsourcing

Article: Coming from Behind: Eliminate Debt to Grow Your Company

“This is an interesting perspective on eliminating debt and where to reinvest into the business. According to Forbes, ‘Once debt has been eliminated, and company savings are adequate to survive hiccups, slow seasons and economic downturns, it’s time to invest in a debt-free, growth-oriented strategy… Hiring more of the right people and paying them more than the competition.’ What is unique about Personiv is that we offer our clients the best of both worlds – Access to passionate top-tier talent that they cannot find in their area, all while decreasing their payroll expense, which they can reinvest in other departments.”


John Nichols, VP of Account Management

john nichols

Edition: Business Weekly Column, The Ledger No. 22: The Future of Work

Article: How Gen Z is Disrupting the New Work Era

“’Before Covid put the world into a frenzy, it was almost unheard of to have a fully remote workforce. However, thanks to the accelerated need for a virtual workforce, companies saw a 13 percent uptick in productivity and an increased culture of trust fostered between employers and employees.’ This Fast Company article highlights how easily and naturally the Gen Z workforce has adapted to the changes brought on by the Pandemic. At Personiv, our ability to adjust quickly, and to move from a 100% in-office environment to a 99% remote work environment, within a 48 to 72 hour window led to success on multiple fronts. We maintained the support of our customers without interruption, greatly increasing customer loyalty. Similar to the productivity results reported by Fast Company, our productivity increased for each of our clients. And our retention rate grew to the highest level in the history of Personiv. We have proven our adaptability to meet customer needs.”


David Graham, VP of Client Services

david graham

Edition: The Ledger No. 2: Employee Turnover And Retention

Article: Experts Say a ’Turnover Tsunami’ Could Be on the Horizon as Pandemic Uncertainty Subsides

“We are well into year two of the pandemic now; the ‘turnover tsunami’ has already begun, and it continues. Personiv is focused on best practices to proactively address retention, by consistently: (1) communicating the Personiv workplace status to existing employees, new hires and the clients; (2) reviewing and adjusting incentives, career paths, employee engagement in collaboration with the clients, and (3) seeking regular feedback from employees to use in providing initiatives targeting the ‘new’ work/life, promoting employee satisfaction.”


Lydia Adams, VP of Marketing & Communications

lydia adams SVP Marketing

Edition: The Ledger No. 19: Measuring Success

Article: Key Metrics to Utilize for Your Company’s Growth

“Nothing is more important than measuring success. Without data, we go in blind. The key points shared by Forbes in this article are metrics to live by: employee engagement, lead scoring, customer service and more. At Personiv, our customer satisfaction scores are consistently 99.7% or higher, which is one way we know that our programs are successful.”

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