Driving Business Growth Through Disruptive CFO Leadership

August 11, 2022 Lydia Adams

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When it comes to financial leadership, what style do you prefer? Delegative, participative, or maybe authoritarian? Our next guess, Melissa Hurrington, believes in the power of servant leadership, which is about working for the people to start driving business growth.

Melissa is the Chief Financial Officer and VP of Operations at Premier Claims. In this episode, she talks about financial leadership, getting winners in your team, and the secrets behind growing a business at a great rate.

In this episode, we discuss why CFOs should learn operations, the power of servant leadership in finance, how to grow your business at a great rate, how to get winners onboard, amongst other interesting topics.

Driving Business Growth & Getting Into Operations

Quote driving business growth operations

The pace of the world has changed, and financial professionals should adapt to the new reality. Now, they have to lean more into operations and use the numbers to forecast possible trends and deal breakers.

“I was so much better a finance professional when I understood the operation”

Work for Your Team

Quote Melissa Hurrington, cfo

Melissa is a believer in servant leadership. She focuses on working for her team, not the other way around. Servant leadership is about taking the hierarchy and flipping it upside down. As a leader, you should think about how to better serve and help your team members work their best and develop constantly.

“I believe strongly that my role as a leader in this company is to remove the barriers my employees and team members see down the road before they get there”

The Secret Formula for Business Growth

Quote secret formula to driving business growth

Premier Claims has grown twenty times in the last four years. If you wish the same for your company, learn the following. Provide a product or service people need and assemble a great team to develop and maintain it well. But it all starts with a visionary leader that inspires people.

“At the end of the day, it's the team that gets the results that we've been able to get, and they are hands down the reason that we've been able to scale at that pace”

Getting Winners Onboard

When hiring, ensure you get the right people for the right job. If the seat is not right, be flexible and think of either moving the person to another role or creating a new position for them. Work with winners who are willing to put in the effort, are fine with failure and change, and are aligned with the company's values.

“I want to work with the right people for the company, and we hire winners at the end of the day”

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