Ensuring Quality While Outsourcing: Top 7 Rules to Live By

September 1, 2017 Lydia Adams

Quality outsourcing team during the day

One of the biggest questions we get from our clients is, “How do you ensure quality?” It’s a fair question and one that should be asked, especially of a new provider. As you start thinking about outsourcing, quality is bound to be one of your chief concerns. Will it be easy ensuring quality outsourcing which will be just as good as my in-house team? Will the talent be up to standard? Will I really be able to spend more time on other projects? The answer to all of these questions is a big, resounding, Yes!

However, you’ll need to follow some guidelines to ensure that quality is understood, met and continuously improved with your outsourcing provider. Follow our top seven rules below to implement the same (or better) quality for seamless outsourcing offshore.

Rule #1:

Do Your Due Diligence

CEO doing his due dilligence to ensure quality outsourcing

This is the hard part – setting up the provider relationship upfront. Research companies online. Look for work samples (if applicable) reviews, trade associations, and awards. Once you are comfortable with their online presence, reach out and set up a call. On the call, ask the hard questions and compare them with other firms to make sure they are the right choice.

Rule #2:

Focus on Culture for Optimal Quality Outsourcing Results

Make sure you understand the outsourcing provider’s core values, culture, and philosophy. When these items are aligned, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish together. And, while many overlook culture, it has a large impact on employee happiness and attrition rates, so finding a firm with a unique and positive culture could really benefit you down the line.

Rule #3:

Ensure Technology Alignment

Be sure that your provider can align with your technology. The more control you have over the process, the easier the transition will be. Plus, by choosing a company that can work well within your system, your end clients will never know that you are outsourcing. Ask your provider about any other programs they offer to build on your tech infrastructure.

Rule #4:

Give Clear Expectations - Ensuring Quality Outsourcing

Quality global outsourcing

Don’t let miscommunication get in the way of progress. By setting up important goals and clear expectations upfront, you’ll remove headaches later on. If there is any confusion, address it head-on, before work even begins. This way, your provider will know how to serve your needs and help ensuring quality outsourcing.

Rule #5:

Visit the Site

Nothing can give you a better picture of quality than visiting the facility and meeting the employees yourself. By taking a trip to the site, you are bringing your teams together in a show of collaboration, while you get the benefit of seeing first-hand where the work actually happens, and with whom you will be working.

Rule #6:

Consider a Pilot

Although not always necessary, you can ask for a pilot program (usually one-to-three months) to increase your comfort level with quality. This way, you’ll be able to see the work in real-time and have a period of adjustment if things aren’t going as planned. This leads us to our final rule, Redirect If Necessary.

Rule #7:

Redirect If Necessary

What if the quality isn’t what you expect? Don’t worry. In many cases, this can be fixed by working with your account manager one-on-one. Be specific about what isn’t working. Is it the speed, accuracy or experience, for example? And come prepared with suggestions (maybe some from your in-house team) on how the issues could be addressed.


Now that you know the rules to live by while ensuring quality outsourcing, take a look at our post on Choosing an Outsourcing Provider, for more great info.

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