The Future of Outsourcing for Nonprofits

January 26, 2024 Theresa Rex

Nonprofit CFOs and finance leaders navigate an intricate terrain with distinct challenges, including outsourcing. They're strategists, stewards, and servant leaders working every day to advance the missions of the organizations they serve.

Their success is measured not just in spreadsheets and reports, but in the lives they touch and the impact they create. It all adds up to a workload that's sometimes formidable, always rewarding, and never for the faint of heart.

We've hosted nonprofit CFOs who are more than up for the task on Personiv’s finance leadership podcast, CFO Weekly, where they shared what it takes to be effective in the role.

This resource — 5 Top Secrets From Highly Effective Nonprofit CFOs — compiles key insights from those conversations for finance leaders in the space.

5 Outsourcing Secrets for Sustainable Nonprofit Growth

nonprofit accountant checking ROI on outsourcing company

Download a copy to discover:

  • Why outsourcing is the ‘North Star’ that keeps nonprofit CFOs on course even in uncertain economic conditions

  • Real-world advice from nonprofit CFOs doing mission-driven work today

  • Which tools nonprofit CFOs use to drive strategic decision-making from within the finance function.

Reaching your nonprofit's financial goals shouldn't feel like a solo climb.

Want more? Check out two-time award (Stevie® for 'Best Business Podcast') winning podcast CFO Weekly on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Still have questions? Let’s talk. Drop us a line to discover if virtual accounting talent solutions could be a fit for your team. We're passionate about supporting nonprofits like yours, and we're always happy to chat.

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