Is Your Outsourcing Solution Out of Date?

It can be hard to keep track of the latest outsourcing trends, but we're here to change that. There’s an evolution underway in the finance function. Has your outsourced accounting solution evolved alongside it?

If it hasn’t, you’re not alone. Gartner found that 60 percent of finance and accounting outsourcing contracts in 2021 wouldn’t be renewed by 2025. Will yours be one of them? In this eBook and assessment, we’re taking a look at what makes an outsourcing solution outdated, how to tell if yours is among them, and how to switch to a new provider to stay ahead of the curve. Download it now to discover the latest outsourcing trends, starting with:

  • How tech, talent, and transformational challenges have shaped the accounting outsourcing landscape

  • Ten questions to ask if you think your outsourcing solution is out of date

  • Five steps to take next if your current outsourcing partner isn’t working out

Business executive using an outdated system and browsing the newest outsourcing trends on his old computer

Ready to build a future-proof finance function? Lead your team through change without losing your competitive edge when you switch to Personiv with virtual accounting solutions that align to your goals and start with teams as small as one — preview your potential savings with our calculator today.

And keep abreast of the latest outsourcing trends here.

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