Everywhere & Always On: How Tech Support is Changing

February 2, 2024 Mimi Torrignton

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You may have noticed that customers today want it all: quick answers and detailed explanations, always-on support day or night, and customer care across channels. Customer behaviors are changing and so should your tech support.

Over the years, there have been rampant transitions in the world of tech support as customers demand more. The period of traditional help-desk or service desk models catering to break-fix or incident management tasks is over, while the rapid evolution of technology has led to higher-than-ever customer expectations.

To remain on top in the business of tech support, there are a number of strategies and technologies that businesses can adopt easily.

Customers Are the Key to Achieving Tech Support Success

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The present-day customer is impatient and fickle, in many ways because they have so many choices. Apart from having loads of service providers to pick from, customers also enjoy the luxury of communicating in the medium they are most comfortable with.

To meet the demands of the current audience there have been a series of innovations to ensure customer acquisition and retention becomes seamless for tech support businesses.

Ways to Provide Seamless Tech Support

the ways to provide seamless tech support changes

  • Instantaneous Support

    The present-day customers are always on the run. In fact, over the years, one of the major complaints that customers have raised again and again is related to delayed response from a customer support team. In order to combat this issue, tech support businesses are settling in for automated customer responses.

    Employing virtual agents like chatbot, interactive voice response and computerized website agents has become a common practice as they reduce customer grievance response time. Bots and AI are modern-day innovation deployed to assist human professionals and achieve customer delight.

    However, a virtual agent completely replacing a human to resolve customer issues is not happening soon. Not should it. Keep in mind that the best strategy in terms of AI is a dual approach with chatbots opening the lines of communication and humans stepping in when needed.

  • Two-way Interactive Communication

    The world is evolving too fast for someone to wait for an answer. The days of dull and dreary text chat practiced to receive and solve customer queries is a thing of the past.

    Customers today are more than ever receptive to listening and ever-ready to respond. A direct way of communication is favored by the modern-day consumer. Addressing customer concerns in real-time over voice or video chats is an efficient and pleasing way of communication that will win over even your most irate customers.

  • Self-Help at Your Fingertips

    Considering the deluge of data and information on the internet it is perceived that customers can solve all problems independently. Although this isn’t always the case, giving customers the chance to look for and find self-help resources can ultimately bring about a positive relationship with your company, even before they reach for the phone.

    To gain a superior position in their lives you need to empower them with knowledge and information in line with their interests. As a leader in tech support, you can empower your customers with self-help guides, videos and the like to help them solve their problems, while also pointing them on the best path before they contact your agents.

Embrace Digital Platforms to Stay Ahead

Tech support agent using digital platform to answer call

If you want to remain in the minds of your customers, you have to keep an eye on your digital platforms. Make sure you reply to all the queries that drop in. The transition from one medium to another (mobile to laptop to tablet) should be smooth and the content and design unchanging. Keeping your brand at the top of your priority list across platforms will ensure that no matter where your customers are interacting, they get the same, consistent and positive experience.

With all the advancements in the field of tech support, outsourcing remains a viable option to keep your customers engaged and happy. Find out our Top 4 Strategies for High-Performing Tech Support by downloading our white paper.

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