The Present Role of the CFO

February 11, 2022 Lydia Adams

Cfo working from a high-rise building in her present role

Chris Caprio, the Chief Financial Officer at Focus Technology, joins us in the next episode of the CFO podcast. Joining Focus in 2017, Chris lends his 20+ years of experience in planning, forecasting, and reporting financial data for companies in numerous sectors, including tech, energy, and professional services. He has experience across various operations, including finance, accounting, recruiting, HR, legal, tax, and employee training. Learn more about the evolving role of a present-day CFO from Chris Caprio's experience.

During his tenure, he has been a primary contributor to the company’s modernization, transformation, and record company growth. Recognized as an industry thought leader, Chris serves as Vice President for the Financial Executives International (FEI) Boston and Co-Chair for the CFO Leadership Council Boston Chapter and is a sought-after keynote speaker at industry events across the country.

In this episode, we discuss how a CFO can effectively manage HR, the evolving role of the CFO, why CFOs need to stretch their budgets on achieving long-term goals, among other topics related to the CFO role of the present day.

Managing HR

Present day CFO managing HR

To successfully manage HR, CFOs need to engage with people, make sure they have the right talent, and direct them correctly, but also give them the freedom to do what they need within their careers and in front of the customers.

“You have to learn to get out and meet with people.”

The Evolution of the CFO Role

The evolution of the cfo role quote

The role of a CFO is becoming more strategic. Much of the attention goes towards operations. But also CFOs need to become more versatile and learn more about all aspects of the business.

“When I've found success in oversight of HR, you get people to realize that money can't be the only decision-maker.”

Balancing the Budget With HR Efforts

Chris caprio CFO Quote

Firstly, take decisions that are going to maintain employees. Secondly, identify and offer them motivational and engaging benefits to do their work with excitement and see that they can grow.

“You need capital to make investments. But I think you always need to be looking at the medium and long-term and identifying the right solution for where you're going.”

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