Destination Manila: Outsourcing F&A to the Philippines

In this report, we'll explore the benefits and challenges of outsourcing to the Philippines, answer your frequently asked questions, and provide insights to help you make the best decision for your business.

If you are considering outsourcing to the Philippines, you probably have a slew of questions and a number of concerns. There’s an awful lot of information out there about business process outsourcing in the Philippines — some of it is really informative, while some may be out-of-date and still more might miss the mark completely.

A frequent concern we see (especially for first-time outsourcers) is, “What is the quality of talent that will be assigned to my team?” Although this may be a top concern, it is also one of the easiest to assuage, and this report does a great job of explaining why.

A Look at What Makes the Philippines a Top Accounting Outsourcing Destination

Dive deep into why building high-performing teams that exceed client expectations is part-and-parcel to outsourcing F&A to the Philippines. Not only does the in-demand talent pool hold the same kinds of certifications and qualifications (U.S. GAAP compliance, CPA certs and more) as someone working out of the U.S, they are able to apply the skills they developed in the process to proactively develop strategies and methodologies that create best-in-class process documentation.

Sound interesting? Get your copy above to discover:
  • What makes Filipinos tick, and why these are also the things that make them incredible team members (seriously!)

  • Why the language barrier is no barrier at all (spoiler alert: 99.7% English literacy rate helps)

  • How the Filipino education system continues to matriculate more and more accounting grads and CPAs each year

  • Why the cost savings of outsourcing F&A in the Philippines is just the beginning of the benefits you'll see (think: more time for strategy, actionable data, on-time payments, quicker close and more with a team as small as one)

  • And, you'll get to meet some very special Personiv employees who do the work day-in and day-out to get a real sense of the accounting talent out there

why outsource to the Philippines report

This resource, designed as the Philippines Outsourcing Report, is designed to bust through the black box mentality of a lot of offshore FAO information that’s already out there — giving you an accurate and transparent look at what you can actually expect when you move a part of your finance and accounting operations offshore.

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Get the comprehensive white paper to see actual cost modeling analysis, how FAO works and where RPA fits in right HERE.

Let's start a conversation and explore how we can unlock the power of the Filipino workforce for your business.

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