[Infographic] 4 Simple Steps to the 'Magic Ratio' of Productivity

January 28, 2022 Lydia Adams

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Follow the magic ratio of productivity with these 4 steps to increase your overall efficiency - Infographic for higher productivity

The 20/80 rule will let you focus your efforts intelligently to maximize your profitability, you can learn more about it in our "steps to increase efficiency & productivity" infographic below.

Productivity infographic

4 Simple Steps to Increase Efficiency

The Magic Ratio: 20 percent of all effort yields 80 percent of all results. Find out how to focus your efforts on the 20 percent to get things done:

1 - Take Stock

Make a list of everything your business does. We bet you'll find:

80% is Extraneous

20% is Focused

2 - Start by Stopping

Simply stop doing these extraneous tasks.

Take email as an example:

304 - Avg. No. of emails received each week

13 - No. of hours spent on email

16 - Min. it takes to refocus after checking email

3 - Automate

Next, look at what you can set and forget. Automation inspires productivity:

In fact, in high-tech workplaces: 22% of employees feel "highly productive"

While in low-tech workplaces: Only 12% feel the same

4 - Outsource

See if the items left are good candidates for outsourcing. Why outsource?

50% - Cost Savings by Offshoring

52% of Small Businesses Plan to Outsource

78% of Businesses Are Satisfied with their BPO Provider


More productivity tips here.

Learn more about our outsourcing solutions.

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