Personiv Outsourcing Cost-Savings Calculator

Stewarding an organization’s assets requires a long-term view and a fair bit of precision. A great place to start is by downloading our outsourcing cost calculator. This tool helps CFOs and other finance leaders who are tasked with finding and creating cost-savings that are significant enough to create growth reinvestment opportunities, something that’s particularly crucial as organizations head into the next quarter of the year.

For a cost-containment strategy that supports long-term growth, finance leaders have to look to the numbers.

The calculator in this workbook will help you zoom out for a big picture view of the real-world cost savings available to you when you partner with Personiv. Outsourcing transactional finance and accounting tasks will allow you to fully capitalize on value-added activities. Compare the cost of offshore and stateside talent with this calculator to visualize a clear picture of the actual costs savings associated with outsourced accounting within your organization.

In this interactive outsourcing calculator, you can:

  • Input the actual job titles of members of your team to compare their yearly salaries with the yearly cost you would pay using Personiv's outsourced accounting solution

  • Get real-time fees for various team scenarios with a variety of job titles when you use outsourced accounting services offshore in the Philippines

  • See the actual bottom-line dollar figures and percentages you'll save...

...Without having to pick up the phone.

Outsourcing calculator

Go ahead and give it a try by filling out the form above. If you're interested in how outsourced accounting works, check out this blog where we break it all down: Outsourcing Step-By-Step: Taking the Mystery Out of Outsourced Accounting.

Ready to learn more? make sure to visit our solutions page for an in-depth look at all of our BPO services & don't forget to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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