Accounting Talent Survey Report

We asked finance leaders and accounting professionals from across the country to share their experiences, perspectives and insights into the accounting talent landscape and labor market. They answered. In fact, 800 executive finance leaders took the CFO talent survey, weighing in on everything from Covid-19's impact on hiring and retention to how the talent pipeline is driving their top challenges and strategic goals for the new year.

business owner sharing the Personiv's cfo talent survey results with colleagues

The result is our new finance & accounting talent market outlook report. Download a copy today for our most in-depth look into the finance and accounting talent landscape yet.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Big picture insights into the accounting talent shortage, including where finance leaders are most feeling the squeeze and which solutions are on the table

  • Key statistics for a by-the-numbers breakdown of the current accounting talent pipeline and potential challenges on the horizon

  • A special segment that explores the effect of Covid-19, The Great Resignation and the Remote Work Revolution on hiring, retention and engagement in the accounting and finance function

  • Side-by-side perspective comparisons from C-suite leaders and the CPAs in the trenches for multiple data touchpoints

See how finance and accounting leaders are faring in the war for talent and how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the game — and learn which solutions have gained traction as they rise to meet challenges new and old.

Want more leadership insights? See how three Chief Financial Officers are rising to meet their hiring challenges with actionable real-world strategies discussed at our CFO Leadership Live Panel, or weigh three different approaches to recruiting and retaining accounting talent with our eBook: Find, Hire & Keep: A Comparison Guide to Virtual, In-House and Staffing Firm Solutions.

Our CFO survey provides data-driven insights into the talent acquisition landscape. But data is just the first step. Personiv goes beyond insights, offering actionable strategies tailored to your unique challenges. We have a proven track record of helping companies build high-performing finance teams. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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