Creative Services Case Study

Mimicking the American Aesthetic - A Creative Services Case Study

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creative services case study

In 2012, Lamar Graphics was seeking an outsourcing partner to help with steadily increasing creative demands in their Art Department.


With consistent growth over 12 years and their capacity to onboard new artists reaching its height, they knew they needed to find another solution to meet their production demands and lower costs. When in-house costs threatened to stifle their growth, they turned to outsourcing, unlocking a world of savings and efficiency.

The Solution:

Lamar Graphics wasn't just seeking extra hands; they craved a whole new color palette. Partnering with us unlocked access to diverse creative expertise, allowing them to confidently expand their offerings by adding a new service.

Like many others, Lamar Graphics found the answer in outsourcing, expanding their art department's capabilities without expanding their payroll.

Stuck in a creative rut? We get it. Let Personiv help you break free! Our partnership with Lamar Graphics showed how outsourcing can unlock exponential output and endless possibilities. Get inspired by their story and discover how we can tailor a solution for your unique needs.

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