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Reducing Costs - Case Study

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Download our reducing costs case study so you can learn how we can help your organization's sales performance.


The client was looking to quickly double their outbound sales channel for new customer acquisitions in the US. With a current total capacity of 110 agents distributed among 15 vendors, sales performance was mixed. Only 5 centers were performing at an acceptable level and there was little success in the transfer of best practices from vendor to vendor. This variability was particularly costly in their industry, where customer acquisition and retention are crucial for growth.

The Solution:

The client needed a proven and reliable methodology to identify, select, and ramp-up successful call centers in the U.S. to ensure channel success.

We employed a rigorous evaluation process that went beyond traditional metrics like call volume and conversion rates. We also assessed factors such as cultural alignment, technological compatibility, and a demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement. This holistic approach proved essential in identifying teams who could not only meet immediate sales goals but also contribute to long-term success. Get the case study above to learn more about our approach.

This close partnership has enabled us to identify and address emerging challenges proactively, ensuring that the client's outbound sales channel remains a consistent driver of growth and profitability.

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