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Elevating Customer Experience (CX) to the Next Level - Case Study

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customer experience case study

The client was looking to increase outbound sales conversion for a new customer acquisitions campaign offering TV services.


A leading TV provider sought a quick fix to boost their new customer acquisition campaign. Their predictive model promised high-converting segments, but the reality didn't match. Time was of the essence to find a solution, as stagnant conversions threatened channel growth and squeezed acquisition costs.

Campaign conversion was steady at 5.8%. All customer segments were yielding the same performance, including those segments with the highest propensity to purchase based on the client's predictive model.

The client required an immediate solution to increase sales conversion and to reduce the cost of acquisition in order to ensure channel growth.

The Solution:

We tackled this challenge head-on, implementing a targeted customer experience strategy that reduced customer acquisition costs, proving the power of a well-crafted customer experience.

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