Empowering FP&A Teams Into Advisory and Strategic Roles

June 30, 2022 Lydia Adams

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In this episode of CFO Weekly, Thomas Kyei-Boateng, Chief Financial Officer at ISACA, joins Megan Weis to discuss the role of a CFO in aligning finance and strategy, FP&A teams, and helping business leaders make better decisions.

In his CFO role at ISACA, Thomas Kyei-Boateng leads all aspects of financial strategy, financial operations, finance transformation, and enterprise risk management. He also oversees the investment of ISACA's assets to create value for members and make the world realize the positive potential of technology.

Before joining ISACA, Thomas held various financial roles at multiple organizations, including the Senior Director of Strategic Finance at The College Board and the Senior Manager of Corporate Finance at PwC.

In this episode, we discuss leveraging your cyber security strategy, aligning finances with strategy, accelerating business growth, and how to become a CFO, among other interesting topics.

Leveraging Your Cyber Security Strategy

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ISACA is a global association for cybersecurity, risk, assurance, and privacy professionals that helps business and IT leaders maximize value and manage risk regarding information and technology. The organization is an advocate for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management, and governance and offers training programs, frameworks and content development, certification, and enterprise assessment for its members.

“It's a very unique organization, member-based, and mission-focused. Most of the people that work here and all our members want to see the world safe and secure”

FP&A Teams Aligning Finances With Strategy

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Finance should ensure that resources are going to strategic priorities, and strategy should ensure that plans and initiatives reflect our financial realities. It's about building a close collaboration with the business. One of the things Thomas improved is the FP&A team to make sure that they have more people with the right skills to partner with the business.

“I really do believe that finance and strategy should be closely aligned”

Accelerating FP&A Teams Growth

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Thomas believes that CFOs should focus on determining and investing in areas that accelerate business growth. For that reason, Thomas is empowering his team to become partners and advisors for all business members, offering not only reporting and analyses but also strategic insight and technical accounting services.

“Everything done in the organization will be reflected in one number way or the other”

Becoming a CFO

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Find out what CFOs do and start doing those things. Manifest empathy, understand your leader's goal, vision, mission, and needs, and try offering solutions to achieve them.

“You have to become a CFO before you are made one”

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