Simple Four-Step Strategy to Grow Your Business and Profits

May 12, 2022 Lydia Adams

CEO working remote prepared to grow business and profits

If you are a business owner that wants to grow your business and boost your profits, you need to ask Mr. Biz, aka Ken Wentworth.

Ken is a business professional with 20+ years of diversified experience. His areas of expertise include revenue generation, strategic business planning, operational efficiency, change management, team leadership, and development, amongst others.

Today, Ken shares some of his expertise and wisdom about business growth. He also talks about his new book, Don't Fake the Funk, where he describes the simple four-step strategy that will help you achieve your life-changing business goals.

In this episode, we discuss Don't Fake the Funk book, the SMAC acronym, how Mr. Biz supports businesses, and what a fractional CFO does, amongst other interesting topics.

Don't Fake the Funk, the Book About How to Grow Your Business & Profits

don't fake the funk book quote

Many people struggle to stay focused on accomplishing their goals or dreams. Don’t Fake the Funk provides an easy four-step strategy that will help anyone dealing with these challenges to overcome them by refocusing on their career or personal lives.

“For anyone who sets big goals that they are having trouble achieving, this book will help you.”

The SMAC Acronym

smac acronym quote

The four-step strategy Ken describes in Don't Fake the Funk is an acronym, SMAC. S stands for ‘start with yes’, M is ‘model expert behavior’, A is ‘accountability’, and C is ‘consistent perseverance’.

“I think that is what separates people who are successful entrepreneurs and people who are not so successful is that consistent perseverance.”

Supporting and Growing Businesses

Ken Wentworth quote about how to grow business and profits

Mr. Biz Solutions provides expert-level business guidance for all types of businesses. The company offers online courses, books, membership programs, and monthly virtual sessions with six business and financing experts.

“We'll help you continue to grow your business and help over the rough spots and challenges that are inevitable in running a business.”

What Is a Fractional CFO? And How Do They Help Profits and a Business to Grow?

helping profits and your business to grow quote

A fractional CFO is a CFO expert that provides services part-time or on-demand. Bringing in a fractional CFO can benefit your business by leveraging the expertise of a specialist at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. It helps get a macro view perspective and formulate a strategy to get your business where you want it to go.

“I help owners run their businesses more profitably and more efficiently.”

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