Guiding and Growing CFO Talent

August 18, 2022 Lydia Adams

cfo working with VP on talent development plan

Accounting, finance, strategy, and operations; modern CFOs should master all these business elements. It's a lot of responsibility, and it might be overwhelming for a lot of people. But fear not! Jack McCullough, who has a lot of experience in the CFO role, is here to help you with all of it, and as a bonus, you'll learn more about talent development.

Jack is the Founder and President of the CFO Leadership Council, a professional association dedicated to CFOs. He is also a keynote speaker, contributor to Forbes.Com, and author of the Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, and The Psychopathic CEO: An Executive Survival Guide book.

In this episode, we discuss what is the CFO leadership council, the portrait of a modern CFO, secrets of rockstar CFOs, the psychopathic CEO: an executive survival guide, among other exciting topics.

The Portrait of a Modern CFO

Quote Jack McCullough, president-CFO Leadership Council

CFOs must be strategic thinkers and problem solvers who understand the whole business. Finance and accounting expertise will always be a critical part of the CFO role, but it's not enough. If you want to be a modern CFO, you need to think of it as a cross-functional role.

“The CFOs of today are a lot more strategic than they were ten or twenty years ago”

The Most Prominent CFO Trait for Talent Development

Quote most prominent cfo trait for talent development

Jack is the author of Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, the book is based on his interviews with more than forty of the world's best CFOs. The most significant traits they share are strategic thinking and ethical leadership.

“The CFO is truly the strategic partner of the CEO”

Are CEOs Psychopaths?

Quote ceos can be psychopaths

Jake is also the author of The Psychopathic CEO: An Executive Survival Guide. The book uncovers a shocking statistic: about fifteen percent of American CEOs are psychopaths. That is because psychopaths have qualities that are valuable in the business world. Some include a lack of empathy, analytical thinking, charm, and an excessive amount of confidence.

“Psychopaths have many qualities that are useful for being a CEO in modern business”

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